Ostrich Egg Quiche

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This delicious breakfast is a combination of several favorites. First off, we have grilled elk sausage that I got from my uncle who’s a hardcore hunter. This was, of course, carefully grilled to get picture perfect black lines. Second off, we have ginger sauerkraut my all time favorite veggie ferment (How-to soon to come). Then we have the quiche which is topped with a lacto-fermented habanero and onion salsa.

….but of course the real story here is the ostrich egg quiche.

It all started when I was at a Whole Foods in Manhattan and I spotted a “local” ostrich egg. Without taking time to question the logistics of local ostrich ranching in Manhattan, or the complications of my air travel, I impulsively bought the egg.

Now traveling with ostrich eggs, as you might imagine is a bit tricky. I encountered some initial static at airport security, but after convincing the TSA agents that it was hard boiled and not in violation of the “no-liquid policy”, I was on my way home eager to cook some O-egg.

Once home, I quickly realized that all my coddling and delicate handling of the egg was completely unnecessary…this thing was hard as a rock.

I was able to track down some fellow ostrich egg eaters online and discovered the “Circle-X” method of breaking inside…



Ostrich Muffin-Quiche

Once I breached the seemingly inch thick walls I simply followed my basic method for muffin quiche, which is a super convenient way to make massive quantities of single serving quiche that can be frozen and reheated for on-the-go breakfasts.

1. Add ostrich egg*, salt, and spices
*You can substitute regular eggs if you can’t get a hold of any local ostrich farmers

2. Add chopped veggies of choice
I used bell peppers, green onions, and jalepeno.


Tip: Sauteing the veggies first, although not required, brings out a lot of extra flavor.

3. Stir & scoop into oiled muffin pan

4. Bake at 375 for 20 mins

5. Remove and Enjoy!
Or in this case pour over some lacto-fermented salsa, accompany with a couple links of grilled sausage and top with sauerkraut!


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