Homemade Sourdough Cereal

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It’s becoming more and more widely accepted that puffed grains coated in sugar are far from the “Breakfast of Champions” that they were once believed to be. This of course is a harsh, dare I say devastating, reality for the millions of us who grew up starting -and often times ending- each day with a fat bowl of our crunchy sugar of choice.

I mean it’s one thing to tell us to avoid diet soda, or jolly ranchers –I was sick of jolly ranchers anyway– but cereal!?

This is a direct attack on the comfort food that delicately held the sanity of an entire generation of adolescence in balance. The food that was able to carefully tether us to reality, while simultaneously encouraging us to reach for the stars.

And weather you were the artsy kid spicing his bowl with fresh fruits, the dude who always mixed 19 different brands, or the purest who refused to have anything but Wheaties… we all formed our own semi-romantic relationship with those colorful cartoon-clad boxes of crunchy nourishment over the years.

They were apart of us, as much as we were apart of them…

So of course, when the jury came out with the new verdict that these food staples weren’t all that damned Tiger cracked them up to be… I was as devastated as the next guy.

I took the news in stride though, I started frying eggs and making pickles… but part of me never forgot those early-morning/late-night delicious and crunchy milk-soaked bowls of happiness.

Finally, after a few years of sleepless nights and mindlessly wandering around a seemingly colorless world… I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

Surely it couldn’t be that difficult to make a healthy version of tiny sweetened bread clusters capable of simultaneously remaining buoyant and milk absorbing.

So I set out on a quest to reclaim my nostalgic guilty pleasure, but to do so in a way that agreed with all my nutritional beliefs -and this is what I came up with!

“Sourdough Cinnamon Toast Crunch”… with raw milk


Note: I completely made up this recipe, and have only tried it once… if your texture is off or want it to be sweeter/less sweet feel free to wing it! Experiment and let me know how it goes!

1. Mix together
-1c of sourdough starter
-1c of whole grain flour 1/2 tsp salt- I use a sprouted flour from these awesome guys
-1/2 tsp salt
-1/4c brown sugar
-1 Tbsp honey
-1/2 Tbsp Cinnamon
-1/4c of coconut oil/butter or fat of choice-melted


3. Mix, cover, and let sit at room temp overnight
It’s going to be very thick so you may need to mix with your hands add a bit more flour if its to sticky to mix

4. Flour your counter or work area

5. Roll out the dough
I use a small rolling pin, make sure to sprinkle with flour to keep it from sticking! You want it thin but don’t worry about it if it’s to difficult -it will work either way

6. Cut into strips
I use a pizza cutter …and listen to Milky Chance

cearl make 1


7. Roll the strips and cut

cereal make 2


8. Bake
Spread out on your baking apparatus of choice, spray with coconut oil, and bake at 325f for 15mins-ish (you want them to be hard)

9. Let cool, pour milk over, and get lost in a wave of blissful nostalgia!

cereal 1

What do you guys think?

Anyone else ever tried making a homemade cereal before?

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