My name’s Iver Marjerison, and I like to think of myself as a Food Systems Futurist–a completely made up title. In a less cool sounding way, I’m someone who spends way to much time thinking about food.

Basically… my schooling, work, reading, writing, daydreams, and adventures all revolve around food… from agriculture to the culinary arts.

And Food Flow is where I get to share my explorations into this beautiful and delicious world!

Most importantly though, Food Flow’s goal is to promote public discussion, and raise awareness on issues that threaten the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of our global food system.


To give you a bit of my food background, I got my BS in Soil and Crop Science, a BA in Environmental Sociology, and an MBA in Sustainable Food System Management–currently applying to PhD programs!

My professional food experience ranges from both hands on, and as a writer; with various work ranging from recipe-development, digital marketing, working on farms, writing descriptions for chocolate bars, authoring my own food-related travel guides, and everything in-between.

I’ve noticed that when it comes to food, like most things in life that matter, the truth tends to lie somewhere in the middle. Which is why I try–though often fail– to straddle the fence, and maintain an unbiased perspective on food issues.

For this reason, I try to avoid blanket statements and superlatives…

No, I don’t think organic is perfect.

No, I don’t obsess over “superfoods.”

No, gluten is not evil.

In fact, I don’t think any foods are inherently good or bad. I think that if sustainably cultivated, properly prepared, and responsibly consumed… nearly any food can be apart of a healthy diet.

The “best” food to eat, is a personal question, that needs to factor in your specific nutritional, geographic, social, and economic situation.

This sort of fence-straddling ideology represents my take on the entire food system from farm to table, attempting to call attention to how much we really don’t know about food.

I mean… one minute were all avoiding butter, and the next minute healthy fat is all we need to survive! In order to not fall victim to the constant scare-tactics and agenda driven marketing, it’s imperative that we each go on an individual food quest… experimenting, asking questions, and…

Fighting the... (1)As we dig into this world of food, we will inevitably find many problems… but I assure you the solution isn’t just avoiding gluten… or juicing more often.

Food issues have a head-dizzying amount of contributing factors, from soil-quality to our evolutionarily primed obsession with sugar… and pragmatic solutions are sure to be a multi-front effort.

With that being said, I think a big factor is the recent technological advances in agriculture and food processing. And while many have been beneficial, they have also caused cultural shifts, slowly alienating the average person from their food.

The good news is… recent years have seen huge strides toward toward the reclamation of our food!

It’s an edible-revolution, sparked by a technologically-driven social exchange of information, being fought with spending power by average consumers like you and I, slowly demanding more quality, transparency, and responsibility from farmers, producers, and chefs.

This movement is radically reshaping our modern food system, and I gotta say I’m proud to be. . . fighting the real food fight! 


While the site is still young, and the direction a bit ambiguous, the one thing that I want to make clear is:

I never promote companies or products just for payment.

If I’m vouching for a food, company, or idea– it is because I firmly believe in it or what it represents.

Nonetheless, I can’t say that I am unbiased when it comes to dietary, political, and personal preferences. I have a set of my own beliefs and opinions, and many of them I cannot back by science or even logical reasoning. If you find any of my work to be unfairly bias/annoying please let me know…

Questions? Suggestions? Looking to collaborate?

Shoot me an email!

I’m on my computer all day, and am always looking for feedback.




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