Food Flow Apparel

Food Flow Apparel -- Healthy Food Inspired clothing and apparel, Tanks, Tees, hoodies for foodies

Creating clothes that celebrate the crazy-sexy-awesomeness of food.

This starts by collecting the scattered food-related conceptions, fantasies, and pipe-dreams of the random people I engage, and beautifully bringing them to life at the hand of ridiculously talented artists.

I then lay these unique pieces of food-inspired artwork on top of the most comfortable American made T-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts around… putting a stylish twist on the farm-t0-table concept, with food-inspired clothing.

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Fighting the “Real Food Fight”, by promoting healthy and sustainable food systems.

For each T-shirt, hoodie, tank top, crewneck, (and other items!) sold, a donation is made toward my current, “Real Food Fight project.” This project, and your donations, aim to help promote and raise awareness for socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable healthy food systems.

Basically the projects are directed at whatever issue has recently caught my attention, and in an attempt to maximize this impact, the type of donation and recipient change periodically.

…The current #RealFoodFight project is:

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Food Flow Apparel -- Food Inspired Apparel and clothing. Shirts, Tank tops, sweaters for healthy food lovers.

I’ve tried to craft a collection of food-inspired clothes that act as an attribute to all realms of food, and eating philosophies. Which means whether you spend your day scrolling through healthy-food on Instagram, are obsessed with foodie apparel and farmer’s markets, or are just someone who appreciates a good burger… you should be able to find a food-themed shirt that you’re excited to rock.

If not, pitch me an idea! Seriously. Whether you have an idea revolving around the culinary arts, or the agricultural sciences, Food Flow Apparel is open to anything and everything food, and I’m always looking for new inspirations 🙂