Banana & Beet Bowl


This brilliantly colored mouth-watering bowl was first crafted as a way to get some of my nutritious beet kvass into my mom’s diet. She wasn’t into my preferred method of tossing salads in it-which is delicious by the way- so I had to innovate, which led to the creation of the Banana-Beet Power Bowl!

The best thing about this bowl of gourmet sweetness, is that both the base and the toppings are extremely flexible. The only real requirement is beet kvass (the left over juice from your jar of pickled beets), frozen bananas, and some sort of crunchy toppings.

However, despite the ridiculously enticing blended bananas and  variety of flavorful toppings, the real star of this dish is the culinary versatility of one of my favorite fermented products- beet kvass. With this dish being just one more reason to keep some of this nutrient-dense, pro-biotic-rich, deliciously-sweet, deep-blood-colored, pleasantly-earthy-tasting pickled juice on hand at all times.

Arguably the most awesome/efficient way to do this is to simply transfer the left over liquid from a jar of pickled beets into smaller bottles that are easier to pour from. Then mix in chia seeds at roughly 2 tbsp per cup of liquid. The chia seeds will add a nutritional boost as well as give the juice a thicker texture that makes it great for dressing salads, and topping a variety of both sweet and savory dishes.



The Base
Simply blend a handful of frozen bananas with beet kvass and a bit of water to get the desired consistency. Alternatively you could use any type of milk in place of the water, I like to use coconut milk or yogurt.

The Toppings
In this case I used sprouted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, with soaked walnuts and pecans- Why soaked and sprouted?- mixed with goji berries, and banana chips. However, it really just depends what I have on hand, any number of toppings will work beautifully, basically think of it like a yogurt or oatmeal bowl and get creative!

Watcha Think?

Obviously the versatility and deliciousness of frozen bananas makes them a staple, any other awesome uses for them that I should know about?

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