Paleo(ish) Eating 101 — Bob Bernotsky (from “Simply That Paleo Guy”)

A talk with “Simply that Paleo Guy” himself, Bob Bernotsky, discussing his refreshingly openminded approach to healthy eating, which uses a paleo-template to build a simple and healthy personalized diet. The discussion explores the basic ideology behind paleo eating, touching on: nutrition, misconceptions, arguments against the diet, common mistakes, and some basic tips for crafting your own simply delicious primal meals.

Bob Bernotsky, from, is a passionate food blogger who has made his mark on the fitness/foodie world with his beautifully-simplified paleo-ish approach to eating real foods. He writes about various lifestyle topics, enjoys cooking over an open fire, is an outdoor enthusiast, and while too modest to say  it himself… is probably the most fit 45 year you’ll ever met.

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