Cashew Cheese cake


After being soaked for 8 hours and blended, cashews take on a magical consistency that you can do any number of things with. This time I went for sweet, and mixed in cherries, lavender, and a bit of honey. Normally I make a cashew “cheese” that I ferment for several days, this method isn’t fermented… but still delicious.

To learn more about why I soak my nuts and seeds, check out this page.


 1. Soak cashews in water with a a couple shakes of salt overnight
More then 8 hours they get slimy and weird


2. Blend cashews with desired mix of sweet ingredients + water
For this recipe I used honey, lavender, and a few frozen cherries


3. Purree into a fine texture
Then pour mixture into cupcake paper or pre-baked pie crust


4. Let chill in the fridge uncovered for a few hours

5.   Enjoy!


Get creative

Once soaked and blended cashews become a beautifully blank canvas that can used to carry any combination of flavor, both savory and sweet. I haven’t tried a cashew cheese based food of any kind that wasn’t delicious, so don’t feel bound by my flavor suggestions… experiment and create your own unique versions, then send them to me so I can give them a try!

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