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The Foodist Bucket List, is my book series that compiles an area’s top 100 edible adventures from farm-to-fork. My method is simple: I ask, read, research, and scour the area for the ultimate edible adventures (generally leaning toward less expensive and unique items). I then try them out, and whichever ones spin my head around—go in the book!

The resulting list is made into a book, which is meant to help immerse you in the area’s unique cuisine, featuring items ranging from milking goats to eating donuts… and everything in between!

Maui, Hawaii

Fort Collins, Colorado

Madison, Wisconsin (coming soon!)

Foodist Blog

Basically… Kelsey Vlamis (The Hungry Thinker) and I spend an absurd amount of time tracking down different area’s ultimate must-try edible adventures. We decided to manifest these findings into deliciously straight-forward lists!

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  1. Christina Bell // October 26, 2016 at 4:11 am //

    My husband and I love your book and put it to good use on our recent trip to Maui. When will the second one be out? I’m hoping to buy it for him as a surprise soon.

  2. Hey Christina, awesome to hear! Glad you enjoyed it. The new edition of the Maui book (several closed restaurants updated, and the cover tweeked a bit) just came out last week. My new book–based on Fort Collins, Colorado–should be hitting shelves, and Amazon, March 1st.

    Thanks again for the positivity 🙂

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