Jerky with Beet Charcuterie

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This quick and easy snack is basically a plate of my favorite no-preparation foods:
-Homemade Elk Jerky
-Activated Nuts
-Coconut Beet Pate
-Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese
-Sourdough “Wheat-Thins”


An awesome on-the-go high protein snack that I always have a jar of in my fridge and particularly take advantage of whenever I am traveling. But you already knew that! According to recent snack food market research, jerky sales are on the rise as consumers are looking for low-carb snacking options. The crazy thing is that people are willing to pay so much money for a tiny dried meat bag of questionable quality- when you can make your own for a fraction of the cost.


Activated Nuts
Nuts and seeds all have special enzymes that protect them until it’s time to sprout. The idea is that these enzymes interfere with our nutrient absorption and proper digestion, and that by tricking the seeds/nuts into thinking it is time to germinate we can break down the enzymes. We can do this simply by soaking them overnight in water (“activating” them)- then either enjoying them like that, or dehydrating at a low temperature until crisp. Most importantly activated nuts taste way better- but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, just soak a handful of your favorite nuts overnight!

More explanation on nut and seed preparation in this post and a 15second explanation in my Instagram video below!

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Coconut Beet Pate – For this I just put a couple beet chunks from my jar of pickled beets in my food processor with a handful of coconut flakes and blended until chunky-smooth. The pickled beets add gut friendly pro-biotic bacteria, a distinct taste, and rich color, while the coconut acts as a binder and gives it a crunchy mouth feel- it’s delicious!

Raw Cheddar Cheese – Although it is a product of fermentation, I am embarrassed to say I have not yet mastered the craft of cheese making, so I bought this ūüôĀ

Sourdough Wheat-Thins – For the longest time, no matter how many things I started making myself, I always bought crackers. Then one day I stumbled across this recipe, and my snacking world was turned deliciously upside down – I haven’t bought crackers since!

Check out my easy how-to guide!

Watcha think?

Are jerky and crackers something you would consider doing yourself?


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