S’more Inspired Cold-Brew

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Perhaps no culinary creation is more capable of flushing people with blissful nostalgia than the beloved S’more. This simultaneously fluffy, gooey, and crunchy campfire favorite magically transforms three seemingly simple ingredients into a exquisite dessert that leaves both kids and adults licking their fingers and fist fighting over roasting sticks- Is that what you call those things? Really drawing a blank…

However, there is something more than just the mouth-watering taste, S’mores also encompass their own powerful food culture full of unspoken rules, taboos, and traditions. With it’s linguistic influence even capable of immersing complete strangers in passionate conversation- generally consisting of radical debates over proper ‘mallow roasting and the perfect chocolate to cracker ratio. Unfortunately, within this culture has evolved a socially engrained misconception that the synergistic deliciousness of graham’, choco’, and ‘mallow is something to be strictly reserved for the presence of a campfire.

Well I don’t know about you, but I’d been getting restless restricting my S’more gorging to my bi-weekly campfires… so finally I decided to take the S’more bull by the horns.

This radical decision to divorce S’mores from their beloved outdoor flame landed me in an empty bathtub with my girlfriend roasting marsh-ies over a tea candle, tearing through vending machine quantities of Hershey’s bars, and getting melted chocolate on everything- which was actually, believe it or not, just a little bit more awesome than it sounds.

After the mallows were gone and the crumbs finally settled I couldn’t help but hyperbolically smile with excitement for my newly found culinary venture of indoor S’more’ing.

Unfortunately after a few months of this, the party pack of tea candles ran out and so did my amusement with bathtub S’mores. I needed something innovative, someway to bring my S’more game to the next level… which lead to this chocolate infused, soured graham crumbled, ‘mallow fluffed, caffeinated creation.


This cup of awesome has three main components:

  • Chocolate Infused Cold Brewed Coffee
  • Sourdough “Graham Cracker” Crumbs
  • Flamed Marshmallow Fluff.

Chocolate Infused Cold Brewed Coffee
I used my standard cold brew method, simply mixing a cup of ground coffee beans with a half liter of water in a french press- only for this batch I added in 3tbsps of cacao nibs. Then I put the french press in my fridge for 36 hours, pressed the coffee grounds to the bottom, transferred the chocolatey high caffeine beverage to a bottle, and placed it in the fridge where it can be enjoyed for weeks!



Flamed Fluff


I am embarrassed to say I have not mastered the delicate art of “DIY fluff” as of yet (but it is on the list!). This time around I just bought a jar from the store and flamed it with my favorite new kitchen toy- a fire spitting culinary torch!

Sourdough Graham Cracker Crumbs

For the fermented portion of this particular culinary creation I basically just used my standard sourdough cracker recipe, with slight variations to give them a sweet cinnamon kick. I then crumbled these crackers, dipped the rim of the jar in honey, and rolled it in the crumbs.


1. Mix together
-1c of sourdough starter
-1c of whole grain flour 1/2 tsp salt- I use a sprouted flour from these awesome guys
-1/2 tsp salt
-1/4c brown sugar
-1/4c of oil/butter/fat of choice-melted


2. Mix, cover, and let sit at room temp overnight
It’s going to be very thick so you may need to mix with your hands add a bit more flour if its to sticky to mix

3. Flour a sheet of baking parchment on a pan

4. Roll out the dough to graham cracker thickness
I use a small rolling pin, make sure to sprinkle with flour to keep it from sticking!

5. Brush with melted fat/oil, sprinkle cinnamon, cut with a pizza cutter, and prick with fork


6. Bake at 325f for 15mins-ish
When they are done they should pull away from each other and be hard

7. Spread out, let cool, enjoy!


Note: This is my first attempt with the crackers, and although they may not look like their store bought counterparts, they were delicious- don’t let the slight sour taste deter you! It actually complimented the sweetness of the cracker quite well, and -speaking from a completely bias point of view- made a finger-licking-delish, dare I say, competition worthy S’more.

 Watcha think?

Have you tried engaging in the beautiful caffeinated craft of cold brewing coffee, or is the idea of a non-piping-hot cup-of-jo turn you off?

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