Sourdough Corn Chips & Pickled-Guac’

Bowl 1

Arguably the most perfectly matched culinary duo in the history of food -right behind bacon and chocolate- is good old fashioned chips and guac.

But I’m not talking about just any masquerading bowl of green paste and crunchy salty things, I’m talking about freshly mashed ripe avocados with a perfectly accompanied set of mix-ins, and an efficiently structured 100% corn chip that has the ideal size to strength ratio to carry the perfect scoop.

Of course chips and dip like this aren’t impossible to come by… For that matter the majority of Mexican restaurants I go to seem to make a pretty good bowl of the green stuff. But just because it’s easy to come by, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making your own. There are plenty of reasons to start making your own! And for me those reasons mostly involve it being an excuse to use my sourdough starter, and pickled veggies. Plus guac smashing is cheap and easy…Why depend on the professionals to decide how much and when you get to eat it?


1. Mix 1 cup of sourdough starter, 1 cup of corn flour, 1/2 tsp salt
I use a sprouted blue corn flour from these awesome guys

2. Add to this mix 1/4 cup of oil/butter/fat of choice

3. Mix, cover, and let sit at room temp overnight
It’s going to be very thick so you may need to mix with your hands

4. Flour a sheet of baking parchment on a pan

Roll chip

5. Roll out the corn as thinly as you can
Sprinkle it with flour to keep it from sticking!

6. Brush top with fat/oil, sprinkle with salt, and cut with a pizza cutter

Chip cut

7. Bake at 325f for 15mins-ish
When they are done they should pull away from each other and be hard

8. Spread out and let cool

Chip bake

9. Mix up a bowl of guacamole* and enjoy!


For this batch of guacamole I mixed in a couple scoops out of a jar of pickled peppers and jalapenos (basic pickled veggie style), and since I didn’t have any limes, I used sauerkraut juice instead- which worked surprisingly well. Of course this is only one of the infinite ways to incorporate live cultured veggies into your guac mix…So get creative! I have yet to mix a pickled veggie with a smashed avocado and not be impressed.


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