The Food We Demand


demandI believe in the power food. And I believe in a world where access to quality foods is a universal standard. I also believe that almost all foods if sustainably cultivated, correctly prepared, and responsibly consumed. Can be apart of a healthy diet.

Unfortunately in the modern world we have separated ourselves from foods that have been cultivated, prepared, and consumed in a manner that promotes well being. The reason for this, however, is not because we are unable to cultivate and prepare food the right way, it is because there is no demand for these types of food. The demand is for convenient, cheap, products that can be eaten on the go.

I once had a businessman from China explain to me that China does not produce low quality products because they don’t know how to produce high quality products, but because that’s what Westerners demand. They are simply meeting the demand, which I believe is the same case for our current food system. In an age of consumer democracy where we vote with our wallets, casting a vote for each product we slide over the checkout counter, it becomes simply an issue of raising consumer awareness to increase the demand for quality foods. If the awareness is raised, the demand for these foods will raise…and the supply will follow.

To sum things up…Quality foods are not available to the mass public because the mass public does not demand them. This however, can be changed!

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