What is Fermentation?


What do pickles, cheese, wine, bread, beer, yogurt, olives, chocolate, and coffee all have in common?

Other then being delicious…

These foods are all a result of the process of fermentation.

While it’s technically a complex scientific topic… the simple version is this: during fermentation certain bacteria and yeast convert carbohydrates in foods and liquids into acids, alcohol, and gasses. By harnessing this naturally occurring process in our own kitchens we can transform basic foods and drinks into complex delicacies that boast unique nutrition properties and mouth-watering tastes.

Some of the most common examples include the transformation of…

Cabbage into Sauerkraut

Black Tea into Kombucha

Grape juice into Wine

Cucumbers into pickles

Milk into Yogurt and Cheese

….The list goes on and on!

Now, there are many complex methods of fermentation requiring sciencey knowledge, but my posts are all about experimentation in the basic world of home fermentation. Focusing on my experience with creating delicious live culture foods, with no special ingredients or equipment, and displaying just how simple it is to make homemade versions of your favorite fermented foods in your own kitchen…

Ready to have your mind blown?


Mixed in a jar and left at room temperature for a few weeks.

= Pickles!


That’s how simple it can be to create awesome fermented foods at home!

However… to be fair, if you want delicious pickles there are a few more tips and tricks that you need to follow.

To better understand the science behind fermented foods check out:
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